GarLine C

Smart and flexible welding

Given sensor’s robust design and technically advanced electronics, welding process is made easier, faster and better. Sensor can successfully perform in harsh environmental conditions, ensuring live tracking.

Welding with GarLine PLC ensures a better weld quality than the traditional welding process, and even in automated welding. Welding with GarLine PLC presents noticeably distinguishing quality, thanks to the trajectory corrections sent to the welding torch.

Boundless welding options with PLC

Thanks to sensor’s library, seam type selection and seam customization, GarLine PLC can be easily integrated on different types of automated welding systems and diverse applications without any need for additional devices.

Seam Tracking Slide
Seam tracking sensor

Easy and adaptive welding

Direct connection to PLC, without any need for additional computer nor other devices. GarLine PLC has wide range of configuration options

End-detection tracking

The sensor detects the end of the seam and stops the weldingSeam search

Seam tracking

Real-time look-ahead calculation of corrections to move the torch towards the seam. With multiple types of sensor and slides configurations


GarLine C UR Connectivity

Multiple libraries available

The sensor includes customizable welding setup, with multiple mode configurationsavailable (e.g., fixing sensor to axes, turn axes on/off). Communication libraries easily adaptable towelding system’s interface code.

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