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Garmo Instruments

Reinventing the automated welding

At GARMO INSTRUMENTS we have a dream: we want to make the difference. In this world, surrounded by many products, mainly of a same kind, we want our seam tracking sensors to be unique, resistant, user-friendly and technically sophisticated.

GarLine Innovation laser seam tracking welding sensor Garmo Instruments

We’re innovative

We’re non-conformists, we’re responsible and we work side by side to achieve authentic solutions. At our company every person counts.

GarLine Challengers laser seam tracking welding sensor Garmo Instruments

We’re challengers

We offer innovative, user-friendly and serviceable laser seam tracking sensors for welding. We challenge the conventional, the usual and the humdrum.

GarLine Experts laser seam tracking welding sensor Garmo Instruments

We're experts

We value the skills and the know-how. Plus, we’re freethinkers and determined because we realize that only this way, we’ll manage to create high-quality products for Industry 4.0.

Sensor made in Spain

As manufacturers, we strive to do things right, provide exceptional value, avoid any problems, ensure that performance and operation of our products meet all quality and safety requirements to ensure customers' certainty.

We believe that products like this must be created by combining outstanding technology, wisdom, empathy and common sense. We're sure that products with such features would really make a difference.

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Our team

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Pablo del Villar


Deepak Chaturvedi

Middle East & South Asia Area Manager

Daria Amoedo

Operations & Marketing Assistant

Joe Qiao

China Country Manager
Company team


Social responsibility of Aragón. In Garmo instruments we believe that we are part of the society. As part of a bigger community we share the responsibility to do our part.

Company team


Programme of Aid to Industry and SMEs in Aragón (PAIP)

Garmo Instruments has been granted with the industrial research and experimental development grants:

PAIP 2021

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